How frequently should one change auto or homeowners insurance to another provider?


So a lot of people always like to shop around for auto and home insurance. The best thing I recommend is to know what you are actually are covered for first before you shop.

For your Home-

  • Deductibles

  • Reconstruction cost/ Dwelling cost

  • Personal Property

  • Endorsements

For your Car-

  • Deductible

  • Bodily Injury Limits

  • Uninsured/ underinsured motorist

  • endorsements

You should really understand what you currently have before you shop around. The reason why is because different companies offer different options to customers. For example, I work with some companies where the deductibles are split into different categories. Such as wind and hail, tropical cyclones, and all other perils. Then there are some companies that offer for example a 1% for everything without any sub-categories. Another is a lot of people won't increase the amount of the dwelling because they may have had upgrades on their home and the price will change.

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Also when it comes to your car this is good to realize as well that some companies will give be able to offer medical payments and personal injury protection together. When some companies can offer them combined.

So when it comes to switching some don't realize that it can be good for you to stay when you look at the factors. Not every company will offer the same coverage when you switch. Another factor for auto is that some companies offer discounts for longevity with them. I know of the times when I quote people and I can't beat a rate because they have been with a company so long they have so many discounts.

Look at all the factors, then shop around for different options then get as many discounts as you can. Hopefully, that helps please check out my blog for content out different insurance ideas and tips.

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